I write in a few different sub-genres of romance including dark, erotic and paranormal. All of my books are set within the UK with British characters.

Dark Romance

My dark romance books are set in the same universe and there are various cross-overs between the series.

Note: most of these contain sensitive content/subject matter. For specific content warnings, click here

Corrupt Empire

Captive/kidnapping trilogy. Avery and Aiden’s story is where it all began and the catalyst for every other book in my dark universe.

Benson Siblings

A series of standalone romances of varying shades of dark and grey. Delve into the stories involving Avery’s best friend, James’ family, the Bensons.

The Devil’s Syndicate

A British crime reverse harem romance. Ash and her boys were my first foray into the RH genre.

Our Darkest Series

Mix of male/female and male/male coming of age romances. These are not dark in the way my other stories are, but as they’re part of my dark universe, I’ve included them in this section of my books.

If you’ve read The Devil’s Syndicate and you’re curious about the Quintet’s children’s stories, then look no further.

Four Horsemen

A reverse harem romance re-telling of the four horsemen of the apocalypse 

Erotic Romance

Dirty Series

Paranormal Romance

After Dark

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