Demons and Music

Today I thought I’d talk a little bit about the musical inspiration behind Demon’s Destiny. Anyone who’s seen me on social media knows that I often post about music and its influence on my writing. I find it hard to write without music playing in the background. I sometimes play specific songs which I feel relate to the book and at other times, I’ll just play my general playlist (which I constantly update with new music).

I have included the playlist in the back matter of the eBook for Demon’s Destiny, but I thought I’d also share this here along with an explanation as to why I picked these songs.

Dusk till Dawn – Zayn ft. Sia

Out of all of these, the one I always come back to is this song. It’s the chorus that gets me every time.

‘But you’ll never be alone
I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn
I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn
Baby, I’m right here’

In a way, I feel like it tells their story from beginning to end. And ultimately, now they’ve found each other, they’ll be by each other’s sides no matter what happens.

Silence – Marshmallow ft. Khalid

This brings me back to the first time they met each other. Ella’s secret has been hidden for too long and despite the violence surrounding their first encounter, she manages to find a sense of peace with him and he finds a sense of acceptance with her.

Inclosure – Alex Vargas

This one is definitely about Lukas’ reluctance to take things further between the two of them and the frustration Ella feels with him.

Somewhere to Belong – Rationale

I’d say this is Lukas’ song. He’s been a drift for so long and he’s been looking for something for so long to ground him. To complete him.

Eyes – Violet Skies

I feel like this is about Lukas’ need to protect Ella. He wants to be the person she can rely on despite all his misgivings. These lines sum it up perfectly:

‘When you bleed, I can feel it like fire
Giving up a a part of me in the flames
So let me be your eyes my love
So that you don’t have to cry’

Get Up and Go – These Your Children

This inspired a specific scene in the book. It’s the first time we have a point of view chapter from Lukas and the ensuing argument between the two of them.

Carry Me Home (Acoustic) – The Sweeplings

The scene this song relates to… I don’t want to post spoilers, but it’s a pretty poignant part of the book. We finally discover the big mystery and it’s this huge revelation for the two of them. It’s just one line from this song which I think, if anyone reads this scene, they’ll know.

Fires – These Your Children

Oh this song again pretty much sums up their relationship. I think the perfect line is this one:

‘Like a moth to the flame, blindly I’m drawn by you’

They are like two moths drawn to each other’s flames and it’s what makes their story so exhilarating.

I hope this provides some kind of insight into why I feel these songs relate to Demon’s Destiny and Ella and Lukas. I’ve created playlists for each book in this series and perhaps if this proves popular, I’ll do a blog post about each of them when they come out.

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