Vampires, Loss and New Beginnings

I released my latest book, Vampire’s Kiss on ebook on the 30th July (paperback coming shortly).

This was meant to be an exciting time for me. Sadly, something happened the night before. My entire world came crashing down around me. I couldn’t delay the release because I’d already hit publish. I decided to go ahead with it anyway. There wasn’t much I could do. Even though I was dealing with the grief and personal loss, I kept my spirits up and announced it the moment Amazon made it live. And whilst it’s only been a couple of days, I’ve already had my first 5* review and even in my time of mourning, I felt a sense of achievement.

Releasing the second book in a series is nerve wracking. I’d introduced Daisy and Gavin in Demon’s Destiny, but it was only after people started telling me how much they loved Daisy as a supporting character that I became terrified. What if people were disappointed? What if I didn’t bring it? I had to bring it. There was no other choice. The book was already written, but I went over it anyway, trying to figure out if readers would connect to it in the same way that I’ve always done. Even when I was writing this book, I knew I was onto something special. When the words flow out faster than you can get them down, there can be no doubt. But I’m the type of person who worries about everything. There was always going to be a chance that my readers wouldn’t enjoy it.

This book is about passion. I’ve always described it as when fire meets fire. I knew as soon as I introduced Daisy on the scene, she would be the perfect match for Gavin. There was no question about it. He needed someone who would challenge him on every level. Even in Demon’s Destiny, Daisy proved to be a firecracker so when it came to writing her as a protagonist, I was excited as hell. Their story dragged me along at an alarming pace and put me through the wringer on several occasions. There was no question about it. These two were always going to set pulses racing and they delivered. Every. Single. Time. This book was an absolute dream to write. When it came to finish it, I was left an emotional mess. I wanted to give them the ending they deserved and they, yet again, surprised me at every turn.

There are so many things I could say about this book, but if I say any more, I won’t be able to guarantee my no spoilers rule. Even when I post teasers, they’re never ones which give too much away. But there’s a couple of things I’d like to mention, specifically about the songs I chose for this book. I’d like to think that most of them are self explanatory – they’re songs about lust, passion and emotion. There are two songs I would like to discuss in a little more detail, but again, I promise – no spoilers.

Vampire’s Kiss Spotify Playlist

I envision both songs to go with the closing chapters of the book. Firstly Roo Pane’s cover of ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’. I actually chose this song in the run up to release day. When I heard it, it made me think of this special moment. If you’ve read the book, perhaps you can guess what it is. It is the perfect soundtrack to it and makes my heart sing. And secondly, the song which breaks me almost every time I listen to it – ‘I Belong to You’ by Jacob Lee. To say this man’s music is beautiful and awe inspiring is an understatement. Myself and one of my writer friends call him our God and we’ve nicknamed ourselves Jacob’s Angels. This song is all about the last moments of the book and it breaks my heart in all the best ways. If I write any more about it, I’ll probably end up sobbing, so just know that this song means so much to me on so many levels, but it’s also Daisy and Gavin’s song (although I could probably also say that about ‘Animals’ by Maroon 5, but for a very different reason and one I’ll leave entirely up to your imagination!).

After all this chat about Vampire’s Kiss, there’s only one last thing I’d like to mention. I’m going to quote a few lines from my first 5* review on UK Amazon because when I read this review, it made my day. It made me certain that I had done right by Daisy and her story.

“I loved the passion between them, every interaction was electric and heart racing. There were moments of fierce possession, endearing moments, emotional moments, oh and, let’s not forget dangerous moments.
All the things needed to get you lip and nail biting as you turn from one page to the next.

Sarah Bailey delivers. She delivers hard in Vampire’s Kiss. The words flowed off the pages beautifully, the pacing was perfect.”

When you read things like that, it really makes everything you went through to get your book out feel worthwhile. To know that I stirred emotion in a reader is all I ever really wanted. My goal when I started publishing was to have at least one person fall in love with my books. I achieved that with Demon’s Destiny and I’ve definitely achieved it with Vampire’s Kiss. Now, I’m just looking forward to getting Witching Night ready for release, getting four and five up to scratch and starting on some new projects. It’s an exciting time for me despite my personal tragedy. I’ll get through this one day at a time.



Vampire’s Kiss arrived on the 30th of July and is available on Amazon and if you haven’t yet read Demon’s Destiny, it’s also available on Amazon. Both books are in Kindle Unlimited so you can read them for free if you’re subscribed.

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