The Benson Siblings

  • I was his gift. He was my downfall.

    They say your parents are the two people who are meant to love you and keep you safe.
    So what does that say about mine?
    My father gave me to a man as a gift.
    A man who wears many masks.
    A man who terrifies me.
    Why then do I want to know what lies beneath?
    Why does a single touch send shivers down my spine?
    I know what he wants.
    My body. My words. My mind.
    I can’t run. I can’t hide. And I can’t give in to him.
    My name is Liora Stewart.
    And Dante Benson is my Master.

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  • She was beautifully broken. I was her balm.

    They say unrequited love hurts the most.
    Well it sucks to be me then.
    My heart has belonged to my best friend for longer than I care to remember.
    At least until her.
    The sweetest girl with a haunted past.
    And darkness which seeps out of her pores, surrounding her with a haze of desolation.
    It started with a need to unburden ourselves.
    Now I can't think of anything else.
    Her touch. Her smile. Her blue eyes.
    It feels like the past is repeating itself.
    With a girl I can never have.
    Ellie Kirkwood extracted a promise from me.
    And now I want all of her in return.

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  • I was her therapist. She was my lifeline.

    You think having a one night stand with a woman in a bar would be simple, right?
    She was everything I wanted.
    This little dark haired beauty who let me do exactly as I pleased.
    And gave as good as she got.
    Everything about that one night was perfect.
    Until she walked into my office with her twin sister.
    I tried to stay away and deny what was between us.
    She was too young. Too innocent. Too sweet.
    And worst of all, my client.
    She got under my skin, making it impossible to forget her.
    I’ve had a taste of the forbidden.
    And once was never going to be enough.
    Fiona Benson made me throw caution to the wind.
    I watched the flames crash and burn.

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  • I was his firestorm. He was my shield.

    I never thought I’d end up stuck between a rock and a hard place.
    I’ve always hated my brother’s best friend.
    He was rude, irritating and drove me absolutely crazy.
    We constantly gave each other hell.
    Until that one night when my world fell apart.
    Everything changed between us.
    And I’ve been avoiding him ever since.
    Now I’m in way over my head.
    My family’s reputation and livelihood is at stake.
    Everything we’ve worked for could be crushed into the dust.
    Terrified. Utterly lost. And completely alone.
    I’m caught up in a messy web of lies, secrets and destruction.
    And Brent Coleman is the only one who can save me.

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