Frequently Asked Questions

Reading Order for Sarah’s Dark Universe:

  • Corrupt Empire
  • Benson Siblings
  • The Devil’s Syndicate
  • Four Horsemen
  • The Villetti Chronicles

Our Darkest Series can be read at any time after The Devil’s Syndicate as it is a second generation series. These books are coming of age romances, but do contain dark themes.

ARC Process:

I do not have a permanent ARC team. If you wish to receive an ARC for one of my books, I announce when sign ups are open on my social media. You will need to sign up for each book I release and you will be notified via email only if you’ve been accepted. My ARC team is solely managed by my PA, Amber, and any contact regarding ARCs will come from her rather than myself.

Audiobook Policy:

These can be a very big financial undertaking for a self-published author. There are absolutely no guarantees that the cost of creating audiobooks will be recouped. While I am very conscious of wanting my books to be accessible as possible to everyone, I’ve taken the decision to only have audiobooks made for series and books that have sold well. This enables me to provide everyone with quality audiobooks and relieves some of the financial burden.

Where can I find out what you are working on?

I’m very active on social media, especially Instagram stories, where I often discuss what I’m writing. 

What is happening with the rest of the Villetti Chronicles? 

This series is currently on hold indefinitely. I have a full length novel planned for Enzo and a novella each for Verona and Sophia, but right now, my focus is on other things.

Will you be doing alternate or discreet covers?

I have no plans for either. The covers I create match my brand and the books I write. If I choose to change the covers, it will be at my discretion. 

Will your books be a part of any book boxes?

I don’t plan on having any type of special edition covers in major exclusive subscription book boxes. Perhaps one day in the future, I’ll have my own version, but for now, this is not something I will be participating in.

Will you donate books and/or swag packs to giveaways, book clubs, etc.?

If you would like to include something from me, then please get in contact with either myself or my PA, Amber and we will see what we can do. Please don’t be offended if your request is declined. This is something I only do a few times a year for good causes and is entirely at my own discretion.

Will you be attending any book conventions or in person signing events?

The simple answer to this is no. For personal reasons, I will not be attending any in person events. If I do choose to attend a convention at any point, it won’t be as a signing author. The only way you can get signed copies of my books is from my online store.