Corrupt Empire

  • Her

    I witnessed something I was never meant to see.
    He took me.
    He broke me.
    He made me his.
    And now he wants to use me to bring down my family.


    I was never meant to have her.
    The daughter of the scum who stole my life.
    I took her.
    I broke her.
    I made her mine.
    And now she'll do anything I say.

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  • Him

    I wanted to take them all down.
    I had everything under control.
    Then she walked into my life.
    And turned my world completely upside down.
    She changed me.
    She was my light in the darkness.
    I was her avenging angel.
    Until I ruined everything.


    I wanted to be his everything.
    The one who took me.
    He showed me their darkest secrets.
    He taught me their twisted ways.
    I fell for him and fell hard.
    I was ready to destroy them all.
    Until he destroyed me.

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  • Her

    Innocent. Fragile. Sheltered.
    The secrets from the past shattered me.
    The lies my family told broke my soul.
    Devastation was my only solace.
    Until my angel saved me.
    He gave me freedom.
    And I’d kill for him.


    Broken. Battered. Bruised.
    My past was always there to haunt me.
    My need for destruction ran in my veins.
    Salvation was never on the cards.
    Until doe eyes walked into my life.
    She was my redemption.
    And I’d die for her.

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