The Edge of Never

  • How far would you go for a stranger?


    When your life falls apart and grief consumes you, what better way to forget than to take a winter mountaineering course in the Scottish Highlands?

    That was my thought when I booked myself on to it. Now I’m regretting ever signing up. Getting paired up with a grumpy stranger who thinks I’m a foolish amateur is only the tip of the iceberg.

    When an avalanche hits, we get separated from the group and have to find another way down the mountain. After he gets injured and has to rely on me for survival, things go from bad to worse. With no hope of rescue in sight, I have a feeling he’s going to be more of a challenge than the dire conditions we’re in.



    When you lose everything and grief drowns you, what better way to remember you’re alive than in freezing cold conditions with nature surrounding you?

    I thought getting away from it all would help me forget about her. However, on the mountaineering course my friend convinced me to help him with, he decided to pair me up with an inexperienced partner. They can’t do anything right and it’s driving me up the wall.

    Now I’m trapped needing them more than I’ve ever needed anyone in a fight to survive after we get stuck in the mountains with no way of contacting the outside world. With all hope lost, I have a feeling they might be the death of me, even if we get out of this alive

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